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30 DAY Talking To Camera Challenge!

Transform Your Confidence & Communication In 30 Days.
(While eliminating awkwardness, & overcoming shyness)

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Watch Matt's 30 Day Transformation!

Take a sneak peak at the process behind the 30 Day Challenge, and see member Matt go through a talk-to-camera transformation!

Starting On Day 1.

I wanted to prove that anyone can seriously improve their talking to camera abilities in 30 days... So I reached out to my friend Matt and he accepted the challenge.

Just 10 minutes Per Day

Following the Talk To Camera PRO course, Matt's task was to record a video of him talking to camera for 5-10 minutes, everyday. He followed the series of specifically designed exercises, and got cracking!

The Transformation

Check out the Case Study video to see his progress and transformation!

There’s no better time to learn to talk to camera than right now

The game has changed and anyone (yes, even you!) can talk to camera authentically, expressively and confidently.

...but chances are...


You’ve spent months (maybe even years) watching your favourite YouTubers and public speakers online.

And you’ve started to hear a voice inside saying:

"Hey, maybe I can do that too."

But every time you even think about setting up the camera to talk to it, you end up overwhelmed and stuck.

Instead of knowing you need to put in the work to practise first (i.e. the growth mindset)...

You jump the gun and quickly get frustrated.

The thing is, you know that talking to camera confidently takes time and practice…

But when you’re already juggling a 9-5 job...

Improving your limited skills only gets pushed further down the to-do list.

So you're still browsing through endless YouTube videos, trying to learn this elusive and mystical skillset.

Or worse... assuming that the ONLY people who can talk to camera are the ones who have talent.

And you end up not feeling any closer to knowing where to start or how to improve without feeling overwhelmed.

Hi there, my name is Thomas Alex Norman

I’m and musician, filmmaker, YouTuber and a 'talk to camera PRO' ;-)

I've used my ability to talk on camera to grow my YouTube channel to 280,000+ subscribers, and create a thriving creative community through my online programs.

...But when I started talking to camera in 2015, I had no clue what I was doing.

I mean, just look at
my first attempt!

...if you're anything like I used to be...

Even the IDEA of talking to camera might make you feel uncomfortable, nervous and awkward... let alone doing it!

At the time, I set what felt like an impossible goal of being able to speak fluidly and confidently, like I saw YouTubers such as Casey Neistat do so effortlessly.

But I had no roadmap or clear plan how I was going to do that.

Every time I recorded myself, I felt like I was banging my head against a wall:

  • My voice was monotonous and boring
  • I couldn't get my ideas out clearly and concisely
  • I felt like my 'real self' was trying to get out and express itself, but something was blocking it.

It took many attempts, and a lot of frustration...

But eventually I started to figure it out!

My videos started improving. My voice felt more expressive. I become more and more comfortable...

And my confidence grew.

I finally felt ready to start a YouTube channel, and when I did, I kept improving further.

Within two years I'd reached 100,000+ subscribers, and today at over 280,000+.


you might be wondering



Instead, becoming truly successful at talking to camera looks more like:

Make no mistake, the path to achieving confidence and authenticity when talking to camera can be elusive, frustrating, and outright maddening… At least if you go at it alone.

But, if you’ve ever wished for a guide to show you the way – look no further.


Your roadmap to talking to camera confidently, authentically and expressively, in 30 days.

Hurry! Enrolment SHUTS on April 30th at midnight EST!
Trusted by 1,000+ members and brands like:

By the end you'll be able to:

Start a YouTube channel

Ever have that voice inside when you watch YouTube, thinking: 'maybe I could do that...'?

By the end of the 30 day challenge you'll feel ready to finally give that channel a go!

Have more social confidence

Through a process of daily practise and review, you gain the holy grail of self-development tools: Self-awareness.

This leads to a big level up in your social skills as you become aware of your speaking habits.

Breeze Through Zoom Meetings

Many members of the 30 Day Challenge comment about the 'spill over effects' - the most common being more confidence in online video meetings.

Come join us!

Your 30 Day Challenge starts now. What better way to supercharge your month than creative community and improvement?

Check out some posts from members!
(You might even spot a familiar face, with slightly longer hair)

Your Roadmap

As well as the 30+ short, actionable videos guiding you through each day, you'll also receive valuable BONUS content, where you'll learn how to explain anything effectively, get unlimited video ideas, and much more...

Week 1


7 Days

10 modules, 36m

Week 2


7 Days

7 modules, 30m

Week 3


7 Days

7 modules, 30m

Week 4


7 Days

7 modules, 25m

The Finish!


3 Days

3 modules, 7m

BONUS #1 | Unlimited Video Ideas


1 Module


BONUS #2 | Explain Anything Simply & Effectively


1 Module




1 Module


You don't have to go it alone:

Get Support and Expert Feedback on Every Video.

On each of the videos you post, you'll get feedback from our expert instructors - who are vetted, and have formal training in acting and performance, as well as years of experience teaching public speaking and confidence skills.

To access the feedback, simply post your videos to the Group. (You'll find details on WHICH videos to post, inside the Welcome Module in the member's dashboard).

You'll also be able to give and receive feedback, encouragement and support to the other members inside our community:

And there's more...

INCLUDED BONUS: Entire 'Vocal Resonance' Program!

The 7 day program to access a naturally louder and deeper voice

Unlock your voice's natural potential to speak louder and deeper

  • Learn how to speak with a naturally louder and deeper voice
  • 7 Days of powerful exercises to build vocal resonance
  • Integrates seamlessly with the 30 Day Talking On Camera Challenge
  • $97 INCLUDED when you enrol in the 30 Day Challenge today

But don't take it from me... What do the members have to say?

"The two things that would have prevented me joining the 30 Day Challenge were lack of time and self doubt, but I found that I could fit the practise within my schedule, and that it was an awesome program with a valuable community in the FB group.

I would
absolutely recommend it, because it’s very well organized and you learn so much. Other than my improvements talking to camera I also noticed more overall self confidence, more ease speaking with people throughout my work day, and the ability to have less anxiety-based Zoom meetings."




"If you want to get over resistance to talking on camera, be supported and feel safe to experiment in a loving group and be guided on how to improve your talking on camera, this is for you.

Thank you Thomas for the
amazing experience!"




"Thank you, Thomas for creating a safe space and community for us to share our videos and improvements during the 30 day talking on camera challenge. The community was key in helping all of stay motivated. We also learned a lot about each other and ourselves.

It taught me consistency, discipline, and I could see the progress, improvement, and development in my talking on camera skills within 30 days.




"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Talking on Camera challenge to anyone who wants to add to their video-making skill set or who just wants to feel more comfortable talking online in any situation.

The practice, the exercises and the feedback encourage major improvements over a short but intense period."




"I signed up for the 30 Day Talking To Camera Challenge and got so much more out of this course than expected. It has not only ticked off the expectation of speaking better on camera but helped me so much in my employment and social life by having better conversation skills and more self confidence.

There was a real
sense of achievement as you hit the upload button regardless of my quality of video, and I loved the support and friendships that the Facebook group generated. I am also now realizing that this has actually improved my ability to speak to my customers at work!"




"I would absolutely recommend the Talking on Camera program to anyone looking to build a valuable skill of talking on camera. The skills can be applied in many areas of your life."




The program was full of very useful, on-point information that I could use the very same day and practice for an improvement that I could see almost instantly.

would definitely recommend because it's the best course out there if you want to improve your talking skills not only on camera but as an asset you can apply to other interpersonal areas of life.

It's a
life changing program for the people who are ready to take the steps to improve their lives in an unconventional yet very effective way.




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