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Neil's On Camera Transformation

A project of mine has been to prove to the world that you don't need to be born with talent to talk to camera confidently and authentically.

How could I prove this?

By capturing the transformation of a complete stranger.

Giving them 30 Days to go from never having talked to camera before, to talking like a pro content creator.

So I emailed my subscribers and within minutes someone got in touch.

So we set up a starting date, and I went to meet him.

The video above shows Neil's entire journey following the 30 Day Talking To Camera Challenge.

The results were insane.

I think the comments do a pretty good job at speaking for themselves. I'll leave a couple here:

Who is Thomas Norman?

‍I am a musician, filmmaker and entrepreneur. I am passionate in helping creatives become actualised through their life and work.

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The 30 Day Talking To Camera Challenge

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