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"I didn’t need to purchase any new fancy equipment or need any ability or previous experience to participate.

So I would absolutely recommend it, simply because I've learned so many new skills in such a short space of time, and it’s been SO helpful in improving my videos."




"Before joining I wondered - will this course actually improve the videos I make?

The answer has been
YES - even the other members in the LCA Facebook group have commented about my improvements.




"What interested me about the LCA is the amount of value you got for the price, and it was exactly what I was hoping for.

The value that you get from the price is great, I love the easy to follow steps and explanations in each module, and the balance of theory and practice was perfect and easy to apply."



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What's Inside The Life Capture Academy?

You'll learn everything behind how to make beautiful, cinematic videos of your life, from the fundamentals of camera & editing setup, right through to advanced cinematography techniques, visual narrative creation, colour grading, sound design, full editing workflow, and much more.

The curriculum currently consists of over 30+ training videos (7+ hours) with new videos regularly being added to keep everything up to date.

Behind the scenes demonstrations

LCA is packed full of in-depth behind the scenes demonstration videos

Private Online Filmmaking Community

Connect with other filmmakers to support, motivate and share

25+ Full Length Training Modules

Step-by-step program covers all you need to know about travel filmmaking

7+ Hours of Content

Content is organised and structured carefully for easy learning

Skills & Drills Format

Turn your knowledge into skills with weekly filmmaking drills!

Follow Along at Home

Learning and practising from home is the best way to learn with this program

Follow Along Structure - Module by Module

In each shooting module at the beginning of the week, you'll be explained the concepts step-by-step, and then see myself demonstrating the shooting challenge, which you will then take!

Then you'll see an editing module where I edit the footage I got in the demonstration, showing you the key editing concepts for that lesson.

Taught through 'Behind the Scenes' Style Demonstrations

The program includes a tonne of behind the scenes demonstrations that you can follow along with at home, as well as full video demonstrations where you virtually join me on a shoot for the day and see how I create travel videos in both beautiful nature and urban environments.

I’ve found over my years of teaching, these style of demonstrations are the single most effective way for aspiring filmmakers to learn.

What Do Our Members Say?

Here are some snapshots of the activity and engagement from within the members-only Facebook Group:

Core Program Curriculum

As well as the 6 week core program, with step by step modules and challenges, you'll also receive valuable BONUS content, where you'll learn 9 Steps To Edit Old Footage Into An Awesome Travel Video, get 3 Easy Tricks To UPGRADE Your B ROLL, a FULL Travel Video Editing Breakdown and much more...

4 Modules

2hr, 5m

3 Modules

1hr, 33m

3 Modules

1hr, 38m

3 Modules

1hr, 20m

3 Modules

1hr, 35m

3 Modules

2hr, 15m

4 Modules

1h, 33m

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"I am thrilled to have joined the LCA. The filming and editing demonstration reels were my favourite parts of the program because it helped me literally be able to visualize the process.

I love that the action steps are so easy to follow, and that you get lifetime access.

I’ve gained a lot of filmmaking knowledge, and I would recommend the program because each video is filled with key takeaways and the challenges really help motivate you to go out and try the lessons yourself."



"LCA's format has allowed me to learn how to film amazing shots and make the production process a lot more efficient than how I used to do it.

It also
motivated me to go out there and pursue my goals, those of which I was originally afraid of, due to a lot of unknowns after getting out of college."



"The reason I’d recommend the LCA to other’s is because it’s a structured programme for development and improvement rather than a bunch of tutorials.

The format is really well thought out and presented in a very logical and systematic way. The website dashboard is very slick, skills and concepts are introduced in a stepwise progression, and the practical challenges give us the opportunity to try these out and build towards overall skills improvement."

Our Pricing

Get lifetime access to the Life Capture Academy with one simple payment.

Life Capture Academy


Complete Travel Video Training System

7+ hours of video tutorials

25+ in depth cinematic training modules

Private facebook community access

BONUS - Signature Series (LUT Pack)

Lifetime Access


30 Day Full Refund Guarantee

The Life Capture Academy has a 4.9/5 star rating and customer satisfaction rate - therefore we're confident you're going to love it and that you'll transform into a better filmmaker if you follow the program and take action.

However, if for whatever reason you decide you don't like it, just drop us an email at support@lifestylefilmblog.com, and we'll refund you right away.

It's a 100% risk free investment into your creative future.

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