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We'll help unlock your authentic, confident and engaging self.
(While saving you HOURS on re-takes and script-reading.)


Learning how to talk to camera can completely change your life - it changed mine.

If you’re anything like I was 5 years ago before I started my YouTube channel…

…right now you might not be feeling very confident in yourself when you try to talk to camera.

Perhaps you find it strange to talk to a lens rather than a person, which can make it hard to just be your authentic self.

Furthermore you might not know what to talk about, and that self-criticising voice could be coming up far too often. You might freeze or choke up on camera, and have to do re-take after re-take, which can be super time consuming and stressful.

The whole thing then makes you become this awkward version of yourself, and it can even sometimes be painful and cringy to watch/hear yourself back.

So you worry about what other’s will say if they ever saw your videos, and you start to overthink everything, even more…

Now… this sucks.

It’s a downwards spiral, which can be very difficult to break out of.

But the thing is, if you’re anything like I was, 5 years ago…

Something inside is telling you that you need to keep going.

Because, before anything else, you’re dreaming about being YOURSELF on camera.

To be able to talk authentically, and be that same fun care-free person you are with your closest friends/family, whenever you press record.

You wish you could talk comfortably, and could express yourself clearly and freely.

And even beyond that, to have that level of confidence it takes to be engaging, to get your viewer’s attention, and to be able to turn on that bold and charismatic side of yourself whenever you want.

At least, when I was just starting out as this awkward guy on camera, that idea sounded pretty damn good.

And hundreds of thousands of subscribers later, having made a living from creating travel vlogs and tutorials for YouTube, as well as teaching thousands of members inside my online courses...

...I’ve cracked the code, and have identified the 5 KEYS to how ANYONE can talk on camera like a Professional Creator.

Introducing... The '5 Keys' Framework:

Talk To Camera: Creator Bootcamp [BLUEPRINT]

These are the 5 Keys you need to unlock your confidence, authentic and engaging self on camera!

Note that there is a specific order of improvement - the first key unlocks the first door, which reveals the second, and so on.

The 5 Keys are:

Measure Your Progress:

You can see the 4 main elements (minus Action) can be measured in levels, to help you identify your strengths, and weaknesses:

Note the low scores on each element.

This would be classed as 'The Beginner'.

Let us take a look at some common 'characters' you might meet on your Talk To Camera journey:

"The Soulless YouTuber"

Here we have a typical YouTuber with a big 'front'. The have lots of energy, but it's not connected to anything authentic or real.

This can get boring very quickly, once you get over the sparkles.

"The Reality T.V Star"

Someone who's VERY emotionally expressive, but again, in an ungrounded sense.

You might think of this person as a typical 'drama king/queen'.

"The Authentic Rambler"

The most friendly and potentially most likeable of all the characters so far...

But they lack that zest, zing and fire they need to engage and keep their audience's attention.

Their viewers click on, pleasantly watch for 20 seconds, and think honestly, I'll watch that later!

...(and they never do).

Allow me to introduce...

"The Professional Creator"

Welcome to the next-level. This character brings out their best authentic, engaging and confident self, and would be considered a Talk To Camera Master.

THIS is where your journey truly starts. Are you ready?

Inside The Talk To Camera Creator Bootcamp:

A sneak peak into the next 5 days...


Learn how to access your authentic self through a series of exercises that unlock your authenticity on camera.


Learn how to communicate emotively, to be able to move your audience’s emotions as you talk.


It gets fun here as you learn how to amuse yourself whilst you talk, and in turn, amuse your audience.


Uncover your enthusiasm and infuse energy into your delivery with a series of specific exercises and tutorials.


Here we go over your action plan and roadmap on what to do with your new-found talking to camera ability.

3 x Modules!

You'll receive powerful BONUS content, including how to set up for the best looking shot, lighting and gear.

Drills & exercises at every step

The incredible thing about this framework is that you’re going to be identifying your strengths and weaknesses as you go - and you’ll know exactly where to improve.

Even the 5 days is up, your lifetime access will allow you to refer back whenever you want, and go through a specific lecture or exercise.

Let's say you feel like you're not being enthusiastic enough...

Just refer to exercise 4.b, go through the exercise, and watch as the improvements happen!

Supportive Online Community

A super important component of this program is the new Facebook group.

Here you have the option to post any videos that you make, to get that crucial support and feedback from other members...

...AND to give you a safe space, that is the perfect middle ground before YouTube!

What members have said about previous Talk To Camera programs...


"I signed up and got so much more out of this course than expected. It has not only ticked off the expectation of speaking better on camera but helped me so much in my employment and social life by having better conversation skills and more self confidence.

There was a real
sense of achievement as you hit the upload button regardless of my quality of video, and I loved the support and friendships that the Facebook group generated. I am also now realizing that this has actually improved my ability to speak to my customers at work!"




The program was full of very useful, on-point information that I could use the very same day and practice for an improvement that I could see almost instantly.

would definitely recommend because it's the best course out there if you want to improve your talking skills not only on camera but as an asset you can apply to other interpersonal areas of life.

It's a
life changing program for the people who are ready to take the steps to improve their lives in an unconventional yet very effective way.




"The two things that would have prevented me joining were lack of time and self doubt, but I found that I could fit the practise within my schedule, and that it was an awesome program with a valuable community in the FB group.

I would
absolutely recommend it, because it’s very well organized and you learn so much. Other than my improvements talking to camera I also noticed more overall self confidence, more ease speaking with people throughout my work day, and the ability to have less anxiety-based Zoom meetings."



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